My Mind Used To Think [Thoughts from Inpatient]

My mind used to think I wouldn’t be a true Bipolar because I’d never gotten admitted. Well, guess what? That time has come. I’m officially inpatient. Have been for two days now. I got extremely lucky: the ward is nice and pretty quiet for a psych ward, the psychiatrists and nurses are just fantastic.
My mind used to think I would never be deemed ill enough for inpatient. Turns out it was wrong. I was desperately ill when I came here. Depression was scaring the shit out of me and my parents, we got through hell. 

Now I’m not well. I’m not cured. But I’m going to be better and start functioning again. So please, please get help when you need it. Chances are you actually are very ill and inpatient is the best solution, even when your mind tells you otherwise. I was sure I was going to be laughed at and sent home. Never believe everything you think


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