Under the Crescent Moon

A waning Crescent moon’s glowing outside. 

Recently, after reading Miranda Gray’s Red Moon changed my life, I have been trying to fully embrace my newly-discovered cyclic nature – so, guessing I’m now in the Virgin/Mother phase of my cycle, that could be the reason why I felt so inspired tonight to finally just do it and open this blog, giving birth to a project that I had been cradling silently for weeks. Except the reason is an approaching mania – in that case you’ll know straight away, because this blog will probably end up being abandoned once the mania will have faded 😉
Hoping that’s not the case, I guess this could be my way of honouring my first conscious cycle as a finally empowered and aware woman.
Especially given the fact that I’m couch-ridden due to a horrible flu and have been for quite a few days, I consider that a personal success, something I should remember to be proud of.

I’m Ellie, by the way, and you probably clicked on the link to this blog because you follow me on Instagram – I’m @recoveringthroughphotography.

Here, I’ll try and get back to Words, which once were my primary (and beloved) means through which I expressed myself, because I have been feeling the growing need to. I don’t know if I’ll manage to, I don’t know if I am going to just abandon this blog like many of its predecessors; but for now, in this night that is leading me to one of the days I have been dreading the most (the first anniversary of my beloved and unbearably missed dog’s death), I am feeling peaceful for writing this and my presentation page (check that out!), and that’s honestly such a beautiful feeling. I had forgotten. Blessed am I and blessed be you who are reading. )O(