Céad mile fáilte! 

Here’s Ellie, 23, “hoper of far-flung hopes and dreamer of improbable dreams”.

Living between Ireland, my true and only Home, and Turin (Italy), where I was born, I could say I’m proudly multifaceted – I’m a translator; I’m currently doing a Postgrad Degree in Human Rights; I’m a photographer, for photography saved my life (literally); I’m a passionate acting teacher; I’m a proud member and activist of the LGBT+ community; I’m an Irish Republican activist and will be till death; I’m an Earth-cherishing Wiccan; I’m that lesbian radical feminist and pro-choice activist they warned you about; and I’m a mental health advocate, and have been since the very second I heard the words “mental illness” for the first time (and it was not in relation to me personally).

I personally have been kickin’ some mental illnesses’ asses for many years now, too. I’m officially diagnosed wih Bipolar Disorder Type 2 (but, as bpHope.com teaches, I have it, I am NOT it), Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder; I’m a survivor of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and early-staged Vigorexia; and I am currently battling Dissociation as part of the GAD.

Also, I can proudly call myself a cancer (melanoma) survivor, and a Fibromyalgia (chronic pain disease) warrior. There’s the “Mental & Chronic Illness Recovery” explained.

I once was a writer. I’ve not been writing for years, except from my IG posts and some letters to lost friends. But recently – and I still don’t know if it’s a sign fot mania ahead! Haha – I have been feeling a growing urge to sprout it all out without any character limit. So this, together with my Recovery Instagram account, is my Recovery Journal.

Obviously enough, it’s named after “Cinderblock Garden” by All Time Low, whom I owe my life to, because they literally saved my future wife’s life from suicide, and saving hers, they saved mine.

PS: that strange language up there is the Irish for “you’re very welcome here”. I mean it.

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